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The ASR (Aegis Seamless Rolling Shutter) is a revolutionary introduction for industrial and commercial applications.  ASR Shutter is fabricated using modern & sophisticated technology using international standards & machinery. It features a number of significant benefits to give higher durability, performance and importantly- operation.

Following are the salient features of  ASR shutters:
The ASR shutters are continual sheet of galvanized coil coated sheet. This gives  a seamless look to the shutter. This also prevents dust, dirt and water from accumulating in the joints and prevents corrosion.

Since the steel is coil coated, it is highly corrosion resistant. The synthetic foil on the rolling shutter is highly flexible and impact or abrasion resistant.

The guides are free from any grease, lubricant or oil. The friction between the guides and frames is very less.

The ASR shutters can be motorized and operated on remote control, pull chord or a radar.
At the edges we have antifriction nylon seals which gives even more smooth and noiseless operation.

The ASR shutters require very less maintenance or annual painting,  greasing and degreasing unlike regular rolling shutters.

Colour available:
Blue, Surfmist, Wheat, Stone, Paper Bark, Classic Cream, Blue Ridge, Dune & Zincalume .

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