Aegis Infrasolutions Pvt.Ltd.

The operable wall series is the highest specification range
of fully operable individual panel partition system. Acoustic
insulation of up to 56dB noise reduction is achieved with a
combination of operable top and bottom seals, high
performance multiple in fills and a panel assembly design
that allows an acoustic break between the frame and outer
The vertical channels of each panel incorporate polymer
inserts that facilitate an acoustic seal when the panels are
set out as a wall. Panels are produced in three thickness
85mm, 100mm and 110mm from 37dB-56dB .
When the operable seal are retracted panels slide
effortlessly and quietly along the unique Aluminium
overhead track system( no need for floor guide).Telescopic
end panels enable the wall to be locked off to complete the
acoustic seal. The track and carrier system provides ease of
operation and directional flexibility, allowing panel stacking
in countless configuration.

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