Aegis Infrasolutions Pvt.Ltd.

Automatic Door and Door Hardware Systems are the largest requirements in today’s social lifestyle. It is now no more only about comfort and style; it is also about convenience and safety. The automated door system is a must for your business complexes, industrial locations, the interior and exterior of your workplace or for any business parks.

And why only talk about building solutions and architectural designs; even the high-tech bus transport system, the metro rail and the shopping complexes are also equipped with the automated and sliding door technologies.

Keeping all this in mind Aegis Infrasolutions decided to supply and provide solutions for automatic door technologies from largest verities of door systems. We joined hands with one of the world’s finest and reliable brands like GEZE to provide you the best possible solution.

We provide a range of Automatic Door Systems such as;

  • Swing Door Systems
  • Sliding Door Systems
  • Revolving Door Systems
  • Glass Door Systems
  • Fire Door Systems

Aegis Infrasolutions company based in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra become the pioneer in supplying and providing services to its clients because of its core values like Innovation, Excellence and Quality.

The presence of huge competition in Automatic Door Supply and Services; also helps us in maintaining our motivation level high and service standard at its best. We have implemented major projects in different locations throughout India.

For our customized Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) details, please visit our AMC Feature to know more.